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Saranac Lake – the Small World of the Winter Carnival

You never know who you’ll run into at a frying pan throw in the Adirondacks, but there I was with my little camera and someone said my name. Turning around, I could see two pairs of eyes and big smiles beneath the snow gear.

It was Jelane and Eileen, of the Travels in Abbey blog, on one of their weekend jaunts (this time minus the infamous Abbey).

Eileen and Jelane are awed by the spectacle of the FPT.

The Lore of the Frying Pan Throw

To explain the frying pan throw a little, it’s kind of like a javelin throw, except it’s all women, often wearing funny hats, throwing a cast-iron frying pan to see who covers the greatest distance. Oh, and it takes place in the snow.  I don’t know who won today, but she threw that pan 52 feet–that was in the under 40 division. Another winner in the over 50 division got it 47.2 feet. And it was a good day, because the frying pan didn’t break (unlike last year when they broke several).

The Queen prepares for her toss.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it was cold out. I have been informed that it is a slight misnomer that Saranac Lake is the coldest place in the continental U.S.—that is only sometimes true.  It’s about 8 degrees now, but it hit a high of 15!

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