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The recent post on  Asperger’s and Creativity has gotten a lot of response from educators and parents of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, so I’d like to share a response from one of the top educational researchers in the field of Asperger’s Syndrome. I contacted Tony Attwood, author of the Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome  with my recent post on the subject of Asperger’s and Creativity, and he sent a comment to me by email, which he has agreed to share.

The latest book by Tony Attwood

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Creative people need geeks to help them master things like simple math and new cellphone technology. And the geeks need us to help them explore their feelings (they do have them) and the complicated world around us in ways that make it bearable. And the rest of the world needs both our kinds.

As the mother of a kid with Aspergers Syndrome (considered to be an Autistic Spectrum disorder), I’ve had the opportunity to watch it from a close distance for 20 years. I’ve learned one thing. It’s not a disability, it’s a gift (see the work of Dr. Tony Attwood). In fact, I think it signals a major evolution of the species. Read more

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