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A screenwriting friend, Paul Pastore, passed on an article from the NY Times last week: Branding Comes Early in the Filmmaking Process (This is the only link for a while, so make sure to read it.)

It’s no big secret that branding has been heavily embedded into everything we see on any screen, including movies, TV, and web content, but it’s especially interesting to look at how soon it begins to show its ugly head. Read more

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Several years ago I took an entertainment law class at NYU with an instructor who had worked a great deal in the music industry. At that time, around 2004, he proclaimed the music industry as we knew it, to be dead, and so he had turned his efforts to film and film scoring to try to make up for the lost income. But what were the many recording artists who had spent a lifetime amassing their bodies of work supposed to do in an industry that seemed to have eyes only on American Idol? The clever ones learned to reinvent themselves. Read more

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