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Many people, when they hear the name “Maxfield Parrish,” think of a particularly whimsical brilliant blue that soaked the skies of many of his landscapes. In a lifetime that spanned 95 years, over 75 of them actively producing art, his paintings and illustrations wallpapered the consciousness of a country for generations. You probably don’t even realize how many of his artworks you recognize. Read more

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When I was twelve, my vision of my future was that I would be sitting at my typewriter (before the days of PCs and Macs) in my kitchen or dining room, free to write as the mood struck me, using a pile of money for a footrest. And every word I wrote would be welcomed with glowing praise and great fanfare from my massive fan base.

Okay, so this dream sorta came true…in a distorted, Tim Burton kind of a way. Read more

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