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Plein Air painting conjures images of lazy summer afternoons where Frenchman long now passed on once stood in a field or beside a stream, painting masterpieces that would last beyond their lifetimes.

Impressionism was literally born from the plein air experience, as the artist worked quickly to capture the impressions of an outdoor setting through a few hours of changing light. And change it does, moment by moment.

Last week I followed a large group of exceptionally talented painters (about 87 of them) from around the country (and one from Russia) who made the pilgrimage to upstate New York for a 5-day plein air festival, high  in Adirondack Mountains. Read more

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Did you think we  were going to talk about writing about watercolor painting? If it happens, it will only be by accident, as the real purpose of this post is to bring painting skills into a less concrete realm—the written word. Like a watercolor, prose or poetry can be delicate or dark, softly shadowed or brightly highlighted. It can define small details with great precision, or suggest large landscapes with subtle washes of color. Read more

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Last weekend at the Adirondack Plein Air Festival in Saranac Lake, NY, I was able to remain in the hall as Juror Anne Diggory judged the entries from 2 days of plein air painting. Anne is one of my favorite landscape painters, so her judgement was especially interesting.

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